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ISKRA_redZakład Maszyn
i Łożysk Specjalnych Sp. z o.o.

Production of automated assembly lines

We are one of the leading producers of both manual and automated production lines on the market.

We provide elements transfer between stations using a belt, comb, rung, chain and disc feeders. We also build stands on rotary tables.

We also use industrial robots from companies such as ABB, Kuka and Yaskawa to present, load and transfer components for further operations.

Our lines are equipped with a tracking system of details important for the customer (traceability) and a database for collecting information about each product. This is done using 2d or RFID codes.

Control and communication signals are distributed using available communication networks - profinet, ethercat, profibus or devicenet.

Our production lines are equipped with remote access systems (eWon, Tosibox, Scalance), which allows you to quickly diagnose failures and avoid customers waiting for service.

Production lines produced by ISKRA ZMiLS work not only in Poland but also in the USA, Mexico and China.