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ISKRA_redZakład Maszyn
i Łożysk Specjalnych Sp. z o.o.

Construction of new machine tools

Our company from the very beginning has been associated with the design and production of machinery and equipment for the bearing and automotive industries. We have our own design office, in which we develop prototype machines and adapt existing solutions to changing requirements. Thanks to the machine park and qualified operators, we are able to make most of the machine parts ourselves. Our experienced team of electricians and precision mechanics is responsible for assembling machines in accordance with the prepared documentation. Our reliable automation specialists are responsible for commissioning, software and training in the use of the machine.

We offer machine design services from scratch, redesign of existing machine solutions for new requirements or new products, as well as the implementation of machines based on existing documentation.

In our constructions, we use solutions that take into account the latest technologies used in mechanics, automation, control and electrical engineering.